“Sudah 12 tahun tapi masih segar dalam minda” – Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Kongsi Video Di Angkasa, Ibu Titip Al-Quran Kecil Sebagai Teman

Angkasawan Negara

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Dunia ini penuh dengan keajaiban dan kebesaran ciptaan-Nya yang tak terjangkau dek pemikiran kita. Bersyukurlah kalau kita punya peluang meneroka dan mempelajari mengenainya kerana bukan semua orang mendapat peluang keemasan ini.

Oleh sebab itulah, angkasawan negara, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor melalui Instagram berkongsi video perjalanannya ke angkasa buat tatapan netizen.

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Berikut perkongsian menarik Dr Sheikh Muszaphar yang dilaluinya sebagai angkasawan hampir 12 tahun lepas. 


“Ibu saya menangis dan hilang 10kg semasa saya berada di angkasa lepas. Dia beri saya Al-quran kecil… ingatkan saya untuk membacanya ketika di angkasa”

Dalam video part 1 di Instagram Dr Sheikh, beliau menceritakan permulaan perjalanannya naik ke angkasa dari lokasi Baikonaur Kazakhstan. Dalam tempoh 8 minit saja, roket Soyuz telah membawa angkasawan ini naik ke angkasa.

Semasa dalam tempoh Dr Sheikh di angkasa, ibu bapanya risau, sedih dan mengharungi pelbagai emosi bercampur baur. Namun perkara yang paling angkasawan ini tak dapat lupa ialah dorongan dan semangat yang diberikan ibu bapanya kepada beliau.

Ibu Dr Sheikh juga sempat menitipkan Al-Quran kecil buatnya supaya beliau dapat membacanya semasa di angkasa nanti.

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Video – My launch to space – Part 1 I wanted to share with Everyone of my journey to space . I still have thousands of unseen footages in my archives . I was launched from Baikonaur Kazakhstan- best strategic location . Tawau Sabah is the most strategic location to launch a rocket in Malaysia . It was on the 10.10.07 on the Soyuz TMA-11 . 8 mins and 48 seconds is the time taken to reach space . Anything above 100km is considered space . 2 Days orbiting the Earth before docking on the International Space Station . My mum cried and lost 10 kg during my stay in space . My late Dad was absolutely shaken seeing my launch from the Mission Control – AlFatihah to him who gives me courage and mental strength in life . I was prepared physically, mentally & psychologically . We have been trained by the Russians well and to be fearless at all times . My only fear was to Allah . This has been my dream since I was 10 and Alhamdulillah I was about to achieve my ultimate dream . My mum gave me a tiny AlQuran for my safe keeping reminding me to read them in space . It was an ultimate ride – feeling the 4G load with vibrations and explosion from the rocket but I was truly focus throughout . I could see from my tiny window as we were leaving Earth and the feeling was to die for . I will be showing more of videos in space this week – the view of Earth from the ISS and the things I do onboard . It has been 12 years but the feeling is still fresh in my mind . Salam Everyone . Just sharing . Love As Always … PS – Seeing my parents in the video made me realise how much burden they had to go through the entire process . I owe everything to them . Mum taught me of love and never forget the Creator while Abah my loving Dad taught me mental strength and having a strong character with the right stuff . My prayers to my loving parents as always … PSS – Do subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos .

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“Kalau diberi peluang ke Marikh on one way ticket, saya sanggup pergi dan tinggalkan semua di belakang” 

Video kedua yang dikongsikan Dr Sheikh pula lebih menjurus kepada pengalamannya di angkasa lepas. Menurutnya, pengalaman dapat melihat Bumi, angkasa dan segala hidupan dari kaca mata angkasawan memang sangat menakjubkan.

Mulai dari pengalaman ini, perspektif hidup Dr Sheikh Muszaphar memang benar-benar berubah. Menurutnya lagi, kalau diberi peluang untuk ke Marikh pula, dia sanggup tinggalkan semuanya di belakang demi merealisasikan misi itu. 

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Video – My launch to space – Part 2 As promised … these are some of the footages that I took from space . The view of Earth is just amazing . A small tiny Earth surrounded by billions and billions of galaxies . Every galaxy has their own solar system with planets , sun , stars … And the Universe is expanding . We are truly insignificant Just a tiny dot … but yet we are proud walking on Mother Earth . There are many things we still do not know of our universe . Are there life in space ? Are we the only one living on Earth in this vast universe? We are still searching … Man has gone to the moon . In fact 12 people did . But there’s nothing there .. Mars is our next destination … hopefully in 2025 . That’s the plan . We have send Rovers to Mars and have found water underneath … There should be life form on the Red Planet . If I’m given a chance to go to Mars on a one way ticket – I’d do it in a heartbeat leaving everything behind . In fact 6000 people have registered on a one way mission to Mars . Space has definitely change my perspective on life as a whole . Constantly soul searching I feel I have found what I was looking for since I came back from Space . I felt a sense of complete … A sense of calmness … The experience of Space has definitely changed me into a whole new man … But there are many things we still don’t know … And never will … The mysteries of the universe . To seek knowledge we need to open up our minds and read the AlQuran for guidance … It’s all there … Good Morning Everyone … Just sharing … Love As Always … More videos on my YouTube Channel . PS – I still get goosebumps each time talking about space …

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Menarikkan? Teruja admin tengok video daripada Dr Sheikh Muszaphar ni. Terasa kerdil sangat bila tengok ciptaan Allah Maha Besar ini. SS dah tengok belum? Admin tanya je. 

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