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“Sumaiyah. Sekuat Sumaiyah di zaman Rasulullah” – Kegigihan Penghantar GrabFood OKU Ini Jalankan Tugas Undang Sebak

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Kalau kita rasa kerja kita ni membebankan, susah, fikir sejenak bahawa ada ramai lagi orang diluar sana yang lebih struggle daripada kita.

Selama ini mengeluh bila ada masalah kecil melanda pada diri kita, tapi lepas baca pengalaman yang dialami oleh Shahril Jantan ini pasti akan buatkan kita rasa tersentak.


Tunggu 30 minit dah mula hilang sabar..Tapi bila jenguk tingkap ia membuatkan saya rasa kagum

Pada mulanya Shahril, ada buat satu pesanan minuman melalui GrabFood, sebagai seorang pelanggan sudah semestinya timbul rasa marah bila servis yang disediakan itu tidak memuaskan.

Pesanannya lambat 30 minit, tapi setelah menjejaki perjalanan si penghantar ini dia tersentak bila memerhatikan kelibat si penghantar itu dari jarak dekat setelah lokasinya semakin hampir ke destinasi.

“When you think that your problem is the hardest in the world.”

“When you think the air-con in your office is not as cold as you would like it to be.”

“When you think your work PC or laptop is taking longer than it should.”

“When you think walking to that nearby shop under the scorching hot sun is too much of an effort.”

“Made an order for I-Tea bubbletea for my wife via @grabfoodsg . The outlet for the rider to collect is in Tampines to be sent to my residence at Bedok Reservoir.”

“By car that would take about 10-12 minutes, bicycle 15-20 minutes, escooter probably 12-15 mins.”

“30 mins went by and I started to get impatient wondering where the bubble tea I ordered. As I watched the movement of the rider via the grab food app, it does seem to move much slower than I would have imagined. At times wondering is this rider walking over instead of via some other mode of transportation.”

“Finally, as the riders icon on the gps passed by my unit, I realised that he/she has missed the carpark entrance and got me even more agitated. I looked out my window, scanning my eyes from right to left when suddenly I saw something that left me in awe.”


Hantar pesanan menaiki kerusi roda

“A GrabFood rider on a motorised wheelchair making its way slowly along the pavement right in front of our block.”

“I somehow had the hunch that she was making the delivery for what I have ordered and rushed down looking for her. “

“I went up to her as she reached my lift lobby and my heart really sank. I created a small chat with her asking did she really travel down here from Tampines. She nodded and said yes.”

“I felt for her. I was a little emotional but tried to remain calm as Sharlien was next to me. As she passed me the drink, having made payment via GrabPay, I quickly reached out for my wallet and pass her whatever cash I have in it. I was a little shocked, to be honest. I was lost for words.”

“This presented a teachable moment for me to share with Sharlein during the ride to school today.”

“Masya-Allah.The perseverance she showed to overcome the challenges being put on her. May Allah provide her with the strength, hope and rezeki and continue being the inspiration to other able-bodied people like you and me.”

“Thank You Sumaiyah”

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Sumaiyah. Sekuat sumaiyah di zaman Rasulullah – Netizen


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